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Buena Vista Farm

Equine Reproduction and Foaling Center

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Buena Vista Farm, INC. offers many different options regarding services and boarding.  


  • Foaling Mares

  • Breeding Mares

  • Lay-ups and Hospital Care

  • Sales Prepping

  • Pasture Board

  • Stall Board

  • Weanling and Yearling Board


We feed the individual as opposed to the herd. That being said, our nutrition program is designed around your horse's specific needs.



Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Complete Mare Care


Buena Vista Farm is a premiere one of a kind breeding center providing equine reproductive services, breeding management, foaling, and boarding for both large and small breeders.  Our facility offers many options, with large and small scale space available with numerous barns, pastures and paddocks. Space and services are tailored to your specific needs, whether you are local or out of state in need of seasonal breeding services.


Buena Vista Farm offers a full service management solution for mare owners seeking to outsource their breeding and foaling out season.


Your mares will be pampered in our serene, quiet setting, with plenty of large pastures to roam and graze, room to raise your foals. The feeding program is tailored to your mare's specific needs.

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